Golang Container Image for CI/CD
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The base Golang image comes with the Go toolchain installed. This image builds on top of the Alpine-based Golang image. Additionally, it provides a C compiler (GCC) for CGO modules and SQLite library. It also comes with the GolangCI Lint meta-linter installed.

The primary usecase for this image is in CI/CD environments. It comes with necessary tools to lint, build, and test the source code. For production build, check out the Distroless base images.

docker pull quay.io/ankitrgadiya/golang:latest


Golang supports 3 Major versions and ships Docker images for them. I do not intend to support all the tags from Official Golang image. Instead, this image builds on top of the latest version's Alpine Base image. I will tag the images with Golang's upstream version. The latest tag will always point to the latest version of the image.